Water, lava, and methane activating the Liquid Sensor.

The Liquid Sensor powers adjacent blocks when water, lava, or methane touch any of its surfaces. When powered, the Liquid Sensor utilizes an alternate texture, which has two red lines wrapping around it - one near the top and one near the bottom. Default Minecraft water and lava do not activate the Liquid Sensor.



How to craft the Liquid Sensor

To craft the Liquid Sensor, four iron ingots must be distributed in each corner of the crafting grid, followed by a single piece of redstone dust in the center.


  • Despite methane not being a liquid, it can power the Liquid Sensor.
  • The Liquid Sensor does not always activate when touched by methane or lava, and may require a nearby block update to trigger it. For this reason, it is not advised to use the Liquid Sensor to detect lava or methane.
  • The player cannot collide with the Liquid Sensor.